• Each year, Mom, you shine so bright,
    Guiding me with your light.
    Happy birthday, my delight,
    In your love, I take flight.

  • Your laughter, a melody so sweet,
    Makes every challenge I meet
    Seem small; in your love, I greet
    Each day, with you, life’s complete.

  • To my mom, whose love never bends,
    On your birthday, my heart sends
    A poem of love that transcends,
    For you, my spirit ascends.

  • With words, I try, but can’t convey
    The love for you that I display.
    Happy birthday, Mom, may your day
    Be as wonderful as your sway.

  • Mom, on your birthday, I express,
    Through verses, my love and happiness.
    You’re the heart of our family’s nest,
    Wishing you all the best.

  • A poem for mom, with love so deep,
    On your birthday, joy we reap.
    Your love, a treasure I keep,
    In my heart, forever to seep.

  • To my mom, on this special date,
    Your love and kindness, I celebrate.
    Happy birthday, let’s decorate
    Your life with joy that’s first-rate.

  • Another year, another blessing,
    Your love in my life, constantly impressing.
    Happy birthday, Mom, I’m confessing,
    You’re the reason for my progressing.

  • For my mom, a poem of love,
    Sent with blessings from above.
    On your birthday, let joy move
    In your heart, and peace as a dove.

  • For my mom, a birthday ode,
    For the love and wisdom you’ve bestowed.
    In my heart, you’ve always glowed,
    With gratitude, my heart overflowed.