• Happy birthday, Mom, you’re my verse,
    In the poem of my universe.
    Your love, none can reverse,
    In your warmth, I immerse.

  • Mom, your birthday is a chance
    To thank you for each loving glance.
    In your honor, I dance,
    Your love, my ultimate expanse.

  • Your birthday, Mom, a moment so dear,
    A time to celebrate, to cheer.
    For all you do, let’s be clear,
    We love you, year after year.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue,
    No poem can truly say how much I love you.
    Happy birthday, Mom, through and through,
    In every word, this truth rings true.

  • For all the times you stood by me,
    With love as vast as the sea,
    Happy birthday, Mom, let’s decree
    Today is for joy and glee.

  • Your wisdom, like a river, flows,
    In your love, my heart glows.
    Happy birthday, Mom, it shows,
    How much you care, everyone knows.

  • Your love, a guiding light so bright,
    Making all my days so right.
    Happy birthday, Mom, my delight,
    In your honor, I write.

  • Your birthday, Mom, a sweet refrain,
    In the melody of life’s domain.
    Your love, the sun after rain,
    A comfort in any pain.

  • On your birthday, Mom, I aspire
    To express my admiration, never tire.
    Your strength, something I admire,
    Fuels my own desires higher.

  • Mom, your birthday, a shining star,
    Reminds me of how loved we are.
    Your guidance, never far,
    Lights my way, my guiding car.