• For all the times you stood by me,
      With love as vast as the sea,
      Happy birthday, Mom, let’s decree
      Today is for joy and glee.

    • Happy birthday in heaven, Mom. Thank you for being my angel, watching over me.

    • Happy birthday, Mom! From your son, here’s wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, and the joy you deserve.

    • Wishing a beautiful happy birthday to my mom, the heart of our family. Your love knows no bounds.

    • To my mother, on your birthday, I promise to cherish and honor you always. With all my love, your son.

    • Wishing my mother a birthday filled with the same love and warmth she’s always given us. Your care is our greatest treasure.

    • Mom, your birthday’s a chance to show, How much you mean, more than you know. With every line, this poem’s a start, To say I love you, with all my heart.

    • Happy birthday to my beautiful mom, my first friend, my best friend. Today is all about you!

    • To the best mom in the world, happy birthday! May your day be as amazing and joyful as you make all of ours.

    • Happy birthday to my beautiful mother. Your grace and courage inspire me daily. Forever your son.